About Basata

Basata Band

This name was chosen due to the simplicity of the instruments and the deep meanings presented by the lyrics and melodies, Established in April 2008 by the Former Nabil Lahoud and the composer Ehab Abd ElWahed.

The Band’s aim

Basata band aims to advance the listener’s taste, and giving them a hearty dose of musical variety that satisfies all tastes, ages and classes. In addition to lyrics that don’t underestimate the mind of the listener, but takes them to the extreme point of entertainment, leaving them with a message that can be beneficial to them, their families and their society.

Basata Band’s Music

Basata band chose non electrical instruments, and limited themselves to different woody instruments. It combined both eastern instruments like Quanon and Lute and western ones like Guitar and Cello, In addition to variety of percussions from different musical cultures, like Spanish, African, Arabic and more.

Basata band offers variety of songs that cooperates with the series of events and challenges for the Egyptian individual specifically and the Arabs generally, socially and politically.

They also offer different variety of melodies that mixes all genres of music from different musical cultures like eastern music, western music, Andalusian and more.

Basata’s mucial history

Basata band has performed in a lot of concerts over the past 7 years, which is the band’s musical age. They have performed on Egypt’s biggest theatres like the opera house, AlSakia, AlAzhar Park, the citadel’s theatre and more. In addition to their participation in international festivals, like jarash (Jordan 2013), the folklore festival in Spain in 2009. It also performed for the Egyptian community abroad, the most recent was in Abu Dhabi 2013.

The band has been hosted by several popular Egyptian TV shows, like AlQahera elyoam with Amr Adib, Al3ashera Masa2an with Mona AlShazly, Hona Al3asema with Lamis AlHadidy, Akher Alnahar with Mahmoud Saad, Sola with the Star Asala (Season 1 and 3) and more.

The band was honored to host a large number of artists and media figures as guests at their concerts, some of them also shared the stage with them in more than once concert, like Yousra, Mohamed Alhelo, Asala, Hossam Habib, Khaled Youssef, Hassan AlShafie, in addition to the special attendance of one of the biggest media figures, Abla Fadila, as well as Hanan Mady, The composer Tamer Aly, Mohamed Raheem.

Last but not least, the band was honored by Mohamed Sobhi in the first tournament for the Arab Drama Festival in which the band performed during it’s opening in March 2014.