Ehab Abd Elwahed

He was born in Saudi Arabia on the 5th of April 1980 to Egyptian parents.

He moved back to Egypt when he was 10,

He discovered his artistic talent during his first high school year,

He worked on developing it on his own with some help from his music teacher in school,

He considered composing music as his job and his source of living, despite the fact that he graduated from the faculty of Law, Alexandria University.

He founded the band with the participation of the late Nabil Lahoud in 2008, and they chose the name “Basata” as it bests describes everything about the band, like the simplicity of the choice of wooden instruments for playing,

the simplicity of the melodies and lyrics, it was also the name of the place where the idea of the band was born “Basata Camp in south Sinai” Ehab AbdElwahed is a composer, a singer and a guitarist for the band.