Ehab Samir

He was born in Cairo on the 16th of July 1989 to Egyptian parents.

Due to his upbringing into an artistic family, he got attached to music and playing since he was a little kid.

His uncle (Moheb Fouad) is a famous violin player in Cairo Opera house, and his uncle Samir fouad is a famous flute player, and he owns a store that sells ancient musical instruments and antiques.

He joined the higher institute for Arab music (Academy of arts) and got specialized in playing Cello, graduated in 2010 with the grade B, and now he is preparing for his masters.

Ehab Samir is considered one of the founders of the band since they started as a Cello player, and with time passing, the late Nabil Lahoud insisted that he starts singing. As he saw in him an amazing eastern singer, hidden behind his shyness.

Ehab Samir has never seen himself as a singer, and after lots and lots of insistence from the late Nabil Lahoud, Ehab AbdElWahed and his uncle Moheb Fouad, and the way they encouraged him, he sang for the first time (Khayel 3aleky) which was composed by Nabil Lahoud.

This is when he started his path as a singer and became a main singer in the band along with Marise Lahoud, Ehab AbdElWahed and Nabil Lahoud.