Hany Sika

He was born on the 13th of April 1984.

Hany is Raed Sika’s older brother, and thus he is Sayed Sika’s son, the great percussionist.

Hany Sika discovered his passion to percussions during his elementary school, where he used to play during the morning marcher. And of course his dad had an important role in refining his talent and putting him on the right path.

He joined the faculty of music education where he learned The Lute, but just like what happened with his brother, his passion for percussions won.

He started taking rhythmic instruments professionally, and he became known with playing percussions and the slavery instrument (Alreq).

The two brothers Hany Sika and Raed Sika became what distinguishes Basata band as a unique percussion duet.