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The sole agent in Egypt for the Henna Black Rose Black Rose’ Kali Mehandi :
It is a henna based powder hair dye for coloring gray hair in black. It is India’s largest selling henna based powder hair dye. It is India’s first powder hair dye to be accredited with ‘ISI’ mark, which is a mark of quality issued by Govt.

Inspection Agency. It has a very small content of chemical, which is less then 3% after dilution. Its color stays on hair for 20-25 days. Available in 10 gms. consumer packing.


Liquid glucose

largest importers of Liquid Glucose from India. Liquid Glucose is a clear, colorless, viscous solution. Chemically, Liquid Glucose has functional properties such as high ferment ability viscosity sweetness & colligative properties. Glucose finds its applications in diversified industries & forms.

Liquid Glucose is used as a crystallizing binding agent preservative in food Industry. It is used as a granulating agent, for tablet coatings, as a base for artificial honey beside others in Pharma Industry.



We offer you high quality fresh butter and spreads of butter factory (Ukraine). Spreads and butter that we offer you have good cream taste and high plasticity.

Products manufactured in accordance with high standards and accompanied by the relevant certificates.


Dry Milk

Dry milk from Ukraine is powdered milk is produced from milk. The underlying process is the drying procedure in which two different types of powdered milk can be created.

Firstly, there exists powdered milk as whole milk powder that has a fat content of at least 26 percent in its dry state. Alternatively, it is also possible to produce skimmed powdered milk that has a fat content of a maximum of 1.25 percent.

The whole milk powder variant is usually used to produce dairy products, for example yoghurt or cheese; however it is also used in a number of baked goods, confectionary and chocolate as well as in formula food for babies.



We are importers of Corn from Ukraine, with high quality and competitive price corn for Human consumption and Animal Feed. We offer Corn (Maize) for cattle feed in large quantity as per your required specification at any required quantity.